The project PID2019-104980GB-I00 “El humor interaccional en español. Géneros orales, escritos y tecnológicos” (MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033), the University of Alicante and the GRIALE research group organises at the University of Seville the II International Symposium on Verbal Humour: Interactional Humour.

The GRIALE research group at the University of Alicante, the event promoter, is the only research group dedicated to studying irony and verbal humour in Spain. Founded in 2002, it has participated in six R&D national projects, two Prometeo projects from the Valencian Community, and has received several grants from the University of Alicante. Its main objectives are the pragmatic analysis of irony and humour, the observation of socio-cultural issues (such as gender and its impact on irony and humour), the acquisition of humour in children, and the application of the results obtained from the teaching-learning of Spanish as a foreign language and to language disorders, especially those related to autism spectrum. In addition, the group has developed several humour corpora, which can be found on the OBSERVAHUMOR.COM platform.

GRIALE has an internationally recognised reputation. Since it was founded in 2002, it has regularly organised several international meetings such as the following:

2011. International Symposium on Irony and Humour

2015. International Workshop on Advanced Studies on Humour and Gender

2017. International Symposium on Figurativeness

2019. International Conference on Verbal Humour

2021. Second International Workshop on Advanced Studies on Humour and Gender


The plenary speakers at the Symposium are:

Galia Hirsch (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

Elena Méndez García de Paredes (University of Seville)

Manuel Padilla Cruz (University of Seville)

In addition to our invited plenary speakers, renowned humour researchers who are part of the GRIALE research group or who collaborate in several of its projects will also participate in this symposium:

Juan Luis Jiménez Ruiz (University of Alicante) 

Esther Linares Bernabéu (University of Valencia) 

Ana Mancera Rueda (University of Seville) 

Elvira Manero Richard (University of Murcia) 

José Joaquín Martínez Egido (University of Alicante) 

Leonor Ruiz Gurillo (University of Alicante)

Larissa Timofeeva Timofeev (University of Alicante)

Chelo Vargas Sierra (University of Alicante)

Francisco Yus Ramos (University of Alicante)

The event is also an opportunity for researchers at the initial stage to present their studies. In this respect, several members of the GRIALE research group are participating:

Anastasia Khaylina (University of Alicante)

Jose Antonio Ortega Gilabert (University of Alicante)