GRIALE is the   Research Group on Irony and Humour in Spanish  at the Department of Spanish Studies, General Linguistics and the Theory of Literature at the University of Alicante.

Founded in 2002, it has carried out six R+D projects, and has been the beneficiary of different funds from the University of Alicante.

Its main aims are the pragmatic analysis of irony and humour, observation of sociocultural factors such as gender and its influence on irony and humour, the acquisition of humour in children and the application of results obtained from teaching-learning Spanish as a foreign language and language disorders, especially those related to autism. Moreover, it has created a range of corpuses on humour, which can be found in observahumor.com (http://www.observahumor.com/)

One of their outstanding joint publications is the book by Leonor Ruiz Gurillo and Xose A. Padilla (eds.) (2009): Dime cómo ironizas y te diré quién eres. Una aproximación pragmática a la ironía (Tell me how you use irony and I´ll tell you who you are. A pragmatic approximation to irony. Frankfurt, Peter Lang; the collective works of the GRIALE group (2011): ¿Estás de broma? 20 actividades para practicar la ironía en clase de ELE (You must be joking? 20 activities for practising irony in the Spanish as a foreign language class). Madrid, Edinumen; editions by Leonor Ruiz-Gurillo and M Belén Alvarado-Ortega (eds.) (2013): Irony and Humor: From Pragmatics to Discourse. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, and Leonor Ruiz-Gurillo (eds.) (2016): Metapragmatics of humor. Current research trends. Amsterdam, John Benjamins; and monographs edited by Larissa Timofeeva (2017): Metapragmática del humor infantil (Metapragmatism from child humour). CLAC 70, 5-19. DOI: 10.5209/CLAC.56314, and (2021): Humor in Spanish Context, Special Issue of Spanish in Context, 18:1.

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