Alicia Merino González


Doctorate in the area of General Linguistics

Department of Spanish Philology, General Linguistics and the Theory of Literature
University of Alicante.

Alicia Merino González is studying for a doctorate in the Philosophy and Arts doctorate programme: Linguistics Studies at the University of Alicante. Her research has focused on phraseology, cognitive linguistics, Spanish as a foreign language, acquisition of language, as well as clinical linguistics and communication pathologies. Some of her salient publications have been “Phraseology and cognitive linguistics. Interdisciplinary study of  the  somatic phraseologisation  of word of mouth  ”, (ELUA, 29; “Jugando se entiende la gente. Una propuesta didáctica para la inclusión de las unidades fraseológicas en el aula de E/LE” (“By playing people can understand each other. A didactic proposal for including phraseology units in the Spanish as a foreign language classroom) (Forum for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language and “La adquisición de unidades fraseológicas en niños con síndrome de Asperger desde la perspectiva de género” (The acquisition of phraseology units in children with Asperger´s syndrome from a gender perspective) ( Research conferences at the Faculty of Philosopy and Arts at the University of Alicante, 2017).