Jorge Fernández Jaén

Full professor

Department of Spanish Philology, General Linguistics and the Theory of Literature (Spanish Language area)
University of Alicante.

Jorge Fernández Jaén is full professor of Spanish Language at the Department of Spanish Philology, General Linguistics and Theory of Literature at the University of Alicante. His main lines of research are cognitive linguistics, historic semantics and the study of perception and evidential verbs. He is author of Principios fundamentales de semántica histórica (Fundamental principles of historical semantics) (Madrid, Arco/Libros, 2014) and has been coordinator of the monograph Semántica histórica: nuevas aproximaciones al estudio de la evolución del significado (Historical semantics, new approximations to the study of the evolution of meaning) for the journal Anuari de Filologia. Estudis de Lingüística (2016) He belongs to the GRIALE and LEXIS (Lexis and syntax) research groups. In 2006 he obtained the international award for cognitive linguistics, AELCO, and, in 2014 was awarded the Extraordinary Award for Doctorates.

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