Interactional humour in Spanish Oral, written and technological genres (HUMORACTION)
PID2019-104980GB-I00 (MICINN / FEDER, UE)

The aim of the INTERACTIONAL HUMOUR IN SPANISH, ORAL, WRITTEN AND TECHNOLOGICAL GENRES (HUMORACTION) project is to analyse interactional humour (Chovanec and Tsakona, 2018), a new line of research that has been recently put forward in the spectrum of studies on verbal humour which is based on challenging the conception of humour as a skill for explaining humour as performance (Attardo, 2019). From studying humour both as production and appreciating it, approximations to conversational humour, stand-up comedy and humorous digital communication (blogs, memes, WhatsApp, Twitter) have been carried out. 7 general goals have been set and have been broken down in order: (1) to establish an appropriate definition and characterisation of interactional humour in Spanish which surpasses the humour dichotomy as competence/humour as a performance; (2) to analyse a range of interactional humour genres, encompassing oral, written and technological varities: conversational, stand-up comedy, blogs, memes, WhatsApp, Twitter; (3) to relate the influence of social variables to interactional humour: age, gender, sociocultural level, etc.; (4) to analyse the brands and markers ( linguistic, visual, etc.) involved in each type of interactional humour; (5) to study reactions to interactional humour, mainly, appreciating and negotiating humorous effects; (6) to find the social and discursive functions of interactional humour as regards values and points of view: construction of gender identity, resolving conflicts, and reinforcing the in-group, among others; and (7) to add the interactional humour corpus in Spanish to the platform. As a result, the HUMORACTION project will launch a transferable product, since a new corpus will be added to those which can already be freely consulted on the, platform, since VALESCO.HUMOR, ERASMUS.HUMOR and COLUMNAS.HUMOR will be added to FEMMES.UP and BLOGS.HUMOR.


Main researcher:
Leonor Ruiz Gurillo (University of Alicante)

Research team:
Francisco Yus Ramos (University of Alicante)
José Joaquín Martínez Egido (University of Alicante)
Ana Mancera Rueda (University of Sevilla)
Elvira Manero Richard (University of Murcia)

Project Team:
Esther Linares Bernabéu (University of Navarre)
G. Angela Mura (University of Alicante)
Delia Chiaro (University of Bologna)
Helga Kotthoff (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg)
Jef Verschueren (University of Antwerp)
Neal R. Norrick (University of Saarlandes)