Interactional humour in Spanish. Oral, written and technological genres (HUMORACTION)

The project INTERACTIONAL HUMOUR IN SPANISH. ORAL, WRITTEN AND TECHNOLOGICAL GENRES (HUMORACTION) aims to analyse interactional humour (Chovanec and Tsakona, 2018), a new line of research recently proposed in the panorama of studies on verbal humour that is based on the challenge of overcoming the conception of humour as competence in order to explain humour as performance (Attardo, 2019). From the study of humour both as production and appreciation, approaches to conversational humour, monologue and digital humour communication (blogs, memes, WhatsApp, Twitter) will be carried out. There are 7 general objectives that are distributed in different sub-phases in the schedule: (1) To establish an adequate definition and characterisation of interactional humour for Spanish that overcomes the dichotomy humour as competence/humour as performance; (2) To analyse different genres of interactional humour, both oral and written and technological: conversation, humorous monologue, blogs, memes, WhatsApp, Twitter; (3) To relate the influence of social variables with interactional humour: age, sex, socio-cultural level, etc. (4) To analyse the marks and indicators (linguistic, visual, etc.) involved in each of the different types of humour. ) involved in each of the types of interactional humour; (5) To study the reactions to interactional humour, mainly the appreciation and negotiation of the humorous effects; (6) To have available the social and discursive functions of interactional humour in terms of values and points of view: construction of gender identity, mitigation of conflicts, reinforcement of the ingroup, among others; and (7) To incorporate the corpora of interactional humour in Spanish to the platform. As a result, the HUMORACTION project will produce a transferable product, as new corpora will be added to those already available for free access through the platform, as VALESCO.HUMOR, ERASMUS.HUMOR and COLUMNAS.HUMOR will be joined by FEMMES.UP and BLOGS.HUMOR.


Main researcher:
Leonor Ruiz Gurillo (University of Alicante)

Research team:
Francisco Yus Ramos (University of Alicante)
José Joaquín Martínez Egido (University of Alicante)
Ana Mancera Rueda (University of Sevilla)
Elvira Manero Richard (University of Murcia)

Project Team:
Esther Linares Bernabéu (University of Navarre)
G. Angela Mura (University of Alicante)
Delia Chiaro (University of Bologna)
Helga Kotthoff (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg)
Jef Verschueren (University of Antwerp)
Neal R. Norrick (University of Saarlandes)